I spent all of my childhood and most of my young adult life doing everything right. I was a people pleaser, perfectionist, and chronic over achiever. The only visible sign that something might be wrong was my eating disorder and my wine addiction.

I was driven by my desire to be liked and respected so I based most of my decisions on how they would make others feel and how they would look. I lost who I was and what I wanted in the process of living someone else’s story about who I should be and what my life should look like.

I was lost under multiple layers of personality traits, roles, and masks. I felt trapped and like I was living in a cage. I tried counseling multiple times, read books, attended workshops, took courses, and studied psychology but nothing filled the void I felt or my longing for more.


I was done being the “good girl” and feeling like I was “never enough” and filling the void I felt with Moscato. I was done living someone else’s fairy tale of what I should be and what I should want.

The wild, raw + untamed creative part of me that I numbed and suppressed deep in my psyche started to peek through the cracks. Instead of pretending that she didn’t exist, I escaped my confining garden to go find her. I went down into the underworld of my soul to find her and bring her out into the light.

This process didn’t happen overnight. but I learned to hear, trust, and follow my own internal compass over the thoughts and opinions of everyone else. I have come home to the Sacred Wild and I want to lead you there too.