Wild Activation Sessions

Claim Your Magick!

Too many women do not trust in their intuition. This is the truth that resides within them. Can you hear her whispering? Do you feel a nagging, scratching urge to live more wild, raw, & untamed. Do you long to be liberated from your fears, your anxiety, and your wounds of the past? Do you desire to unpeel layer after layer of doubt, indecision, guilt, unworthiness and shame?

The Goddess wants to liberate you and lead you home to the Sacred Wild. Trust her, for she knows the way out of the confining garden and dark forest. It is time to write your own Fairy Tale. The ones that were told to your were lies meant to diminish your power.

Our cells remember, deep inside, that the personality traits, masks, and roles they keep us caged in is not our reality. It is not the truth. It is time to break down, burn through, and bust through anything that keeps you caged.

The wild woman was refused to you when you were born a girl in this world. She is your birthright and the parts of yourself, you forgot in order to stay invisible, quiet, and small. She is the part of you that threatens others’ expectations and predetermined societal roles.

Awaken her and reclaim your voice. Awaken her and remember there is magick in your blood. She is beckoning you to eat her nourishment of forbidden fruit and be forever liberated. You are the wild one who has come home. 



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 Unleash Your Wild Authenticiy!

Shed the patterns of people pleasing and playing small, and come home to who you truly are.

As women, we have been taught to be “good girls”. To play by the rules and not ruffle feathers. To not take up too much space. Over time, we absorb these cultural voices and take them on as our own, painting ourselves into smaller and smaller boxes of who we are “allowed” to be and what we are “supposed” to do with our lives. In the Wild Woman Sessions, we will unearth your wild authenticity – who you are at your core and the creative expression of that in the world – and begin to boldly put that forth into the world.

You’ve always been so much more than you were told you had to be. The fairy tales you were told are lies. You don’t have to…

Live a conventional and over narrowed life

Wear masks, assume personality traits, and play roles (perfectionist, people pleaser) to fit in

Be ashamed of not being satisfied and wanting more

You have permission to…

Freely live out the most authentic version of yourself

Untie the knots that keep you tethered to a life you do not want

Pursue your dreams no matter how rebellious they are

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Embrace Your Wholeness! 


Move into your Wild Feminine Energy by embracing wholeness. It’s time to stop putting yourself in a box and painting everything in black and white and explore the edges of what might be possible. The safe gardens you find yourself trapped in are an Eden of masks and false-truths disguised as a utopia. The wild woman can only endure so much illusion before her soul’s howled demands for truth grow too loud to be ignored. In the name of rebellious joy and euphoric memory, She wants you to reclaim your authentic voice, primal feminine nature, wildness, and your cyclical rhythms and become the Wild Woman you were always meant to be. You are ready to live life on your terms, free from all constraints.

You were born for more magick, mysticism, and mayhem.

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What Are They?

Wild Activation Sessions allow you to reclaim the parts of you that have been hidden, that have longed to have a voice. It might be your softness and vulnerability or your fierceness and power…or all of the above! Our conditioning forces us to cut off pieces of ourselves, even when we long for WHOLENESS. By learning to embrace your wholeness, you will not only be able to hold space for all parts of you, but for all parts of life as well.

You will learn to speak your truth with confidence and conviction, AND to listen to those whose experiences do not align with your own. You will learn to lead with vulnerability, AND have fierce boundaries. When we move from either/or into both/and, a whole new world of possibility arises.

 How Do They Work?

Wild Activation Sessions are hour-long intuitive coaching calls.

available in three-month, 12-session package to new clients.

Wild Woman Sessions are conducted over the phone, via Zoom, or via Skype, so you can be located anywhere in the world. There is no set structure or topic for each session. You will be responsible for bringing to the session what you are moving through and dancing with in your own life. I will offer you my conscious feminine presence and wisdom, helping you to see where you are not claiming your own wisdom, where you are stuck in pleasing and the need for external validation, and how you may be cutting yourself off from the freedom, authenticity, and magical, colorful life that you truly long for.

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What Do You Get?


3 Months Of Weekly Coaching Sessions (12 Sessions Total)

  • Action Plans At The End Of Each Session

  • Spot Coaching In-Between Sessions Via Email, Text, or Voxer


  • 1 PAYMENT OF $1,800 USD OR 3 MONTHLY PAYMENTS OF $600 USD (limited extended payment plans are available.

6 Months Of Biweekly Coaching Sessions (12 Sessions Total)

  • Action Plans At The End Of Each Session

  • Spot Coaching In-Between Sessions Via Email Or Text


  • 1 PAYMENT OF $1,800 USD OR 6 MONTHLY PAYMENTS OF $300 USD (limited extended payment plans are available.

What’s Next?

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